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Busker Application


Busker Application

Wanna show off your chops? Come busk at the Market.

Submit the below application if you wish to be considered for busker space in the Market.

The Calgary Farmers’ Market is a special place where the city meets the country. We enjoy discerning customers who seek out quality products which are made, baked, grown or produced by Albertans. Buskers help make a visit to the Market a special occasion, and provide a fun, community atmosphere.

Busker Guidelines

  • All entertainers must fill out the Busker Application Form and be accepted by the Calgary Farmers’ Market.
  • Performances should always be appropriate for a family based audience.
  • Sound enhancement/amplification is not permitted at the Calgary Farmers Market.
  • Buskers are only permitted to perform in the designated areas as marked.
  • Buskers are permitted to perform for a maximum of 1 hour at the market; 30 minutes at each busking station.
  • Buskers are requested to have a 30 minute set of material with no repetition. You are permitted to bring sheet music if you require it to meet this standard.
  • CD’s may be sold but no other merchandise unless otherwise approved by the Calgary Farmers’ Market.
  • Performers under 18 must have the approval of their legal guardian.
  • Performers under 16 should be accompanied by a responsible adult.
  • Performers may put out a hat or case to collect money but may not verbally ask the public for money.
  • Please dress appropriately to face the public. A neat and clean appearance is most appealing.
  • We are lucky to have many talented performers at our market. Buskers are not permitted to show up without being scheduled; buskers must respond to the call for scheduling requests so as to ensure appropriate space and time at the market.
  • At all times, performers must conduct themselves in a manner that is courteous to other entertainers, vendors, and public and be open to feedback from the market and its vendors. Remember that you are a welcomed guest and we do appreciate your contribution to the Calgary Farmers Market, but we must ensure the comfort of our customers and vendors alike.

Busker Application

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