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Puzzles & More

Who We Are

Sue & Steve Haberl founded CribbageWorks in 2002.  Their company has been at the CFM since 2006.  They make their own unique cribbage boards and steel pegs.  They also make the very popular “Horserace Game”.  They proudly complement their own products with a vast array of top quality Puzzles and Games.

What We Offer

CribbageWorks is family-oriented.  In addition to their own crafted products, there are quality puzzles for pre-schoolers, unique “Family” puzzles that  offer 3 size pieces in the same puzzle for all ages to work on together, and a diverse array of traditional top quality 1000 piece puzzles for the avid puzzler.  CribbageWorks offers a “Trade-in” program where they will buy back “Gently Handled” puzzles and re-furbish to offer at a lower price!  They also allow customers to custom order puzzles of any size from their catalogues.  Their games are also Family-friendly, with emphasis on education, wholesome entertainment, and local content.

You Gotta Try This!  

You gotta try “Family Puzzles”.  We are one of only a few in Calgary with this product.   We get rave reviews!  Also Professor Noggin Card Games-  Multi-award-winning Canadian-made educational, fun and Awesome for ages 7+… and you can’t go wrong with a quality CribbageWorks Crib Board!

Lotsa Hidden Gems!   Puzzle mats, Puzzle framing, steel crib pegs, CrossCrib, Chicago Crib, Scopa, Themed Playing cards, and much more!  Visit Sue and Steve soon.

Where to Find Us

Perimeter, Booth 25
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