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Fallentimber Meadery

Who We Are

The Ryan family has been harvesting honey near Water Valley since the 60s - wildflower honey, coming from mostly clover that registers as the highest quality honey in Canada. Fallentimber Meadery started fermenting honey in 2010, first making traditional style meads, then evolving into sessionable sparkling meads. Finest honey makes the finest mead, family-owned and proudly produced in rural Alberta, we're excited to share our meads with you. 

What We Offer

We offer two distinctly different styles of mead – Traditional Meads that drink more in the weight of wine and geared for food pairing. Sparkling Session Meads drinking more in the weight of beer/cider aimed more at your everyday beverage.

We offer 5 traditional meads ranging from exclusively water and honey, to melomels (co-fermented with fruits) to whisky barrel aged.

As well as 5 Session Meads ranging from cocktail inspired, to cider/beer-ish to low alcohol/low calorie. All our offerings are naturally gluten-free! 

You Gotta Try This

Meadjito – our flagship product launched in 2017 and quickly became our top seller, yet to have been rivalled by any other release. Fresh mint and lime combine to make an incredibly refreshing, naturally gluten free Meadjito.

Seadóg – meaning grapefruit in Irish is our latest release that emulates a radler, low in alcohol and caloric intake, but not on flavour!

Where to Find Us

Aisle 1, Booth 31
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