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Field Stone Fruit Wines

Who We Are

Our family-run winery and farm are nestled into 50 acres of mature berry orchards located forty minutes east of Calgary. For more than a decade our berries were sought after at our seasonal U-pick farm.  In 2005, with the help of a renowned winemaker, we developed our unique wines from saskatoon berries, strawberries, raspberries, chokecherries, black currants, red cherries and rhubarb into ten succulent and delicate combinations. Alberta’s first estate winery was born!
Being a farmer means loving the process. Producing a quality fruit in your own field and transferring that excellent fruit into a delicious product that people love is our goal and passion every day. We bring the taste of summer to our customers all year long - in a labour of love from field to glass.

What We Offer

Our five, award-winning Fruit Wines are premium table wines, with a drier and more subtle finish than one would expect from a wine crafted from 100% Alberta berries.  Enjoy a flavourful “out-of-the-grape” wine experience at your next patio party, or pair these “Summer In A Bottle” treats with a variety of foods all year-round. 

Our five, award-winning Dessert Wines are a premium series of dessert and fortified wines made from fresh, plump Alberta fruit and berries. These sweet and semi-sweet varietals are a perfect way to finish a meal, with dessert, chocolate, cheeses and savories.  They can also be mixed into martinis, cocktails, spritzers and lemonades for extra-special sipping.

You Gotta Try This!  

RASPBERRY FRUIT WINE - A medium-dry fruit wine, with a slightly tart edge, gives a crisp, clean burst of summer all year long.  A great aperitif, it was voted BEST FRUIT WINE at the 2017 Alberta Beverage Awards!

STRAWBERRY-RHUBARB FRUIT WINE -  Our slightly-sweeter fruit wine, combining succulent strawberries with tangy rhubarb, is the perfect social wine!  GOLD MEDAL AND BEST FRUIT WINE at the NORTHWEST WINE SUMMIT COMPETITION, 2018.

Where to Find Us

Aisle 3, Booth 47
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