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Two Two’s Fish and Chips

Who We Are

We believe that many people love and search for great fish and chips, this motivated us to make the most delicious fish and chips. With our love and interest in fish and chips, we wanted to investigate on how to make our fish crispier than ever. We came up with the idea to use bread crumbs. By rolling our battered fish in breadcrumbs, and deep frying it, our fish became super crispy. We have never tried anything that was this crispy. By being different than any other fish and chips out there, our customers can experience a new and even better fish and chips. We have put loads of effort into coming up with this fish and chips, and all our other delicious menus. I hope our immense work and effort can reach to the customers that are trying our fish and chips.

What We Offer

All of our food we serve is handmade, fresh, and healthy! Most importantly, our fish is from North Atlantic and they are all wild! 

We make all our sauces from scratch; we use fresh herbs, homemade pickles and onions for tartar sauce. For mushy peas, we use fresh green peas and mints. Our remoulade sauce is the most popular and is a great with popcorn shrimp and crispy onion rings rolled in quinoa bread crumbs.

Pickles are individually cut into sizes, then battered with flour and cornstarch with sparkling water to make it extra crispy. Lastly, we roll it in breadcrumbs for even more crispiness.

Our fresh potatoes are from the farmers! We peel the potatoes individually and cut it thicker than usual to make it plentiful with a nice yellow-gold colour. Lastly we season it with salt for extra flavour.

Coleslaw is a savory, healthy, colourful salad that includes varieties of fresh vegetables that is chopped everyday mixed with homemade vinaigrette dressing.

Jambalaya is perfect  dish for any meal of the day. It’s soft, tender, and rich with flavours that include wild pacific snapper, shrimps, chicken, chorizo sausage, and organic chicken stock, herbs, and green onions.

You Gotta Try This! 

You gotta try our Seafood Platter. It is comes with 2 pieces of haddock, calamari, seafood croquette, popcorn shrimp, fries and salad. Customers love this dish and always tell us how great and crispy our fish and chips were!

Where to Find Us

Food Hall, Booth 9
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