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Innisfail Growers

Who We Are

Innisfail Growers is a co-operative marketing group consisting of five farm families who all farm in the Innisfail area. The five farms include: Beck Farms, the Jungle Farm, Upper Green Farms, Hillside Green Houses, & Edgar Farms. We only sell what we “make, bake, or grow” on our farms. We started working together in 1993, as a means of diversifying our family farms. We believe in using sustainable growing practices to ensure the lasting legacy of our farms for future generations and already have the second generation on three of the farms working full time with us and taking over management decisions. We truly believe in the “Make it, bake it, or grow it” philosophy and can truly say: “If it is in our booth, it came from one of our farms”.

What We Offer

Fresh, locally grown vegetables and berries are our specialty. We pick varieties with the best flavor, & grow our greenhouse veggies in soil, giving you the most flavorful products possible.  Though we are not organic, many of our products are pesticide free, and GMO seeds are not used.  Along with fresh vegetables & berries, we have herbs, cut flowers, bulbs, flower baskets, and other potted plants. We also have preserves, salad dressings, pies, crisps, and many other items made by hand in commercial kitchens, on our farms. We even have homemade Caramel Corn & fruit leathers, to satisfy your sweet tooth. We also have home raised/hormone free beef and beef products such as dog bones and dog food.

You Gotta Try This!  

You Gotta Try our carrots! Customers flock to our booth for Beck Farms Super Sweet Nantes Carrots.  Edgar Farms Asparagus, Jungle Farms Strawberries, Hillside Tomatoes and Upper Green potatoes are all favorites as well and have dedicated customers coming in week after week.

Where to Find Us

Perimeter, Booth 22
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