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Lotus Herbal Health

Who We Are

Meet Rose and Team Lotus. We are a local YYC business with an attention to detail when it comes to your health. Rose started her quest for knowledge in health and nutrition at the young age of 7 years old in rural China. She brings a unique bridge to western herbalism with the traditional teachings of Chinese Medicine. As a little girl, Rose would be sent out to procure wild herbs, and would wander the fields in search of remedies to bring home. Now in Canada, she has been involved in the alternative health industry for over 10 years. She is very excited to expand into the Calgary Farmers Market, and be amongst like-minded health seeking friends.


What We Offer

Whole foods, herbal supplements and nothing but knowledge! We at Lotus Herbal believe that health is multi-dimensional, and that healing needs to be holistic and addressed from all angles. Our business philosophy is to always be humble and to learn from every person we meet, all while providing everything in our power to uplift both mentally and physically the individual to become the best person they can be.

We have travelled the world in search of knowledge, from international symposiums on medicinal mushrooms to living under the tutelage of Ayurveda practising monks in India. We will continue to seek the highest quality herbs and supplements backed by research and experience and to help you find balance, health and longevity. Each of us is given a fleeting moment here on Earth, and we would like to help each of you make the most of it.


You’ve Gotta Try This! 

Medicinal Mushrooms! Magical in their own way, but completely legal and armed with a long list of health benefits the whole family can enjoy. From their effects on improving digestion, memory, sleep, anxiety, stress, or other more chronic conditions, we will help take you down the rabbit hole of mycelium magic and bring you to ultimate health.

Come chat with us, join us for an educational seminar or workshop, and discover how you can optimize your own health and wellbeing.

Where to Find Us

Aisle 2, Booth 41
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