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Master Chocolat

Who We Are

Master Chocolat is a Calgary-based company specializing in chocolate creations featuring natural, organic, and fair-trade ingredients. Our gourmet chocolate creations are created by award-winning chocolatier, Bernard Callebaut. 

What We Offer

Master Chocolat specializes in artisanal chocolates with natural, preservative-free ingredients. We don’t compromise on quality and truly feel that you can taste the difference of a chocolate made with love and honest ingredients. We offer a line of plain chocolate bars, as well as nut bars featuring tree nuts. We have chocolate-covered almonds, hazelnuts, pretzels, ginger, orange zest, marshmallows, and a variety of other chocolate treats for when you need to satisfy your sweet tooth.

You Gotta Try This!  

Our La Mer Truffles, with their dreamy salted caramel center in a milk or dark shell, they are the number one most beloved chocolates in our range. They are 100% Organic and are often described as “life-changing".

Where to Find Us

Aisle 3, Booth 51
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