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She Bakes Bouquets

Who We Are

Award-winning pastry chefs Marie and Yves Ghesquière opened their first store in France in 1988. They ran a successful business and were selected as suppliers for the Monaco Grand Prix for many years before immigrating to Canada in 2003. After 14 years serving thousands of Calgarians at a well-known local hot-spot, they decided to take their passion to the Internet. Customers can now visit the She Bakes Bouquets store in person, at the Calgary Farmers’ Market, or order their sweet creations online, where they’ve been featured on CBC News Network, Culinaire Magazine, Avenue Magazine, Radio Canada, and Classy YYC.

What We Offer

Imagine you're visiting the Calgary Farmer’s Market on a lovely, lazy Sunday morning. You’re strolling among the vendors, enjoying the vibrant atmosphere, taking in the sights and sounds, when you are suddenly halted in your tracks by the most amazing display of delectable French patisseries you have ever seen. Elegant gateaux, whimsical almond shortbread cream tarts with colorful macarons, chocolate-covered berries, strawberry and mousseline tarts, eclairs and so much more.

Discover a mouth-watering tableau of beautifully hand-decorated, handcrafted pastry of all shapes and sizes in an array of soft pastels contrasted with occasional deep chocolate brown, red, dark green, and, yes, even violet. A sprinkling of coconut or chocolate shavings here, a drizzle of taffy or a dusting of icing sugar there; it is a feast for the eyes.

Mesmerized, you savor each one in your mind. You can taste the subtle flavors and feel the complex textures on your palate. The crunchiness of salt caramel and meringue, the luscious richness of buttercream flowers, the delicate pillowy softness of marshmallow, and the fresh burst of juicy strawberries. You can barely resist reaching out for a taste!

That is what awaits you at She Bakes Bouquets where, as we say, “there are no words to describe our sweet creations, they must be experienced.”

You Gotta Try This!  

Ask us about our unique cakes, pastries, and beautiful gift boxes for all occasions, and don’t forget to try our amazing French gourmet marshmallows: a healthy, gluten-free, all-natural, sweet option.

Where to Find Us

Aisle 3, Booth 55
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