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Sugar Creek Kettle Corn Co.

Who We Are

Sugar Creek Kettle Corn Co. was started by Norm and Michelle Pawloski in 1998. They first came across this unique delicious treat in Arizona and were the first to introduce Kettle Corn into Canada. Sugar Creek Kettle Corn started out in a 10x10 ft. tent and now utilizes 5 trailers at many different venues around Calgary. These include market venues, local festivals and the greatest show on earth “The Calgary Stampede”! Sugar Creek Kettle Corn Co. is proud of our knowledge regarding taste and expertise in creating our popcorn. Join us and experience an exciting journey in the world of snack food. Let the popping begin! 

What We Offer

We believe there is no greater comfort food than popcorn and Kettle corn takes that comfort to a whole new level. Close your eyes and imagine the sweet aroma of Kettle corn cooking on a hot summer evening, the melt in your mouth flavors that tingle your taste buds, the satisfaction of eating the most perfect combination of sweet and salty in a healthy snack. Our primary focus has always been to create a new unique blend of flavors on a universal snack that will leave you happy and satisfied.

This is not the end of the flavor story. Most people love going to the movies and enjoying a bag of buttered popcorn. We offer the perfect blend of melt in your mouth buttery salt flavor. Of course, for those who want to keep it simple we also offer our old fashioned salted only. If you are more of a sweet tooth, try Nate’s Caramel a perfect blend of a brown sugar mix that will have you longing for more.

You Gotta Try This!  

So come visit us at Calgary Farmers Market and ask for a free sample of our just popped flavor. Enjoy the wonderful world of Sugar Creek Kettle Corn’s unique melt in your mouth flavors.

Where to Find Us

Perimeter, Booth 74
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