Alberta Poultry & Meats

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  • CFM West

Alberta Poultry and Meats brings the best quality, locally sourced, antibiotic, and hormone-free meats to Calgary. Using local farms that use humane and sustainable farming practices wherever possible, their products hit the core of what it means to be involved with a farm-to-table establishment such as the Calgary Farmers’ Market West.

what’s available?

They aim to bring unique flavours to Calgarians by being a chef-run establishment that has the knowledge and training to help their customers how to prepare every piece of poultry from beak to bottom. Alberta Poultry & Meats carries protein options from whole chickens and eggs, to duck sliders and turkey burgers.


Chicken, Turkey, & Duck

Pre-Seasoned Meal Options

you gotta try this.

Duck Bacon Sliders – the name says it all! Impress at your next dinner party with this original creation.