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Comuocu was created and designed passionately, with our people and planet in mind. Comuocu is the brainchild of scent-savvy Mackenzie Burge (or Mac, as most know her). All her candles are 90% locally sourced, eco-friendly, vegan, and created right here in Calgary. Her candles are made with luxurious coconut soy wax, in tiny batches and hand poured into upcycled vintage glassware and ceramics.

what’s available?

Comuocu’s divine, non-toxic fragrance blends are all created in-house, using soothing, complex scents that create aromas to accompany, not overpower, your space.

Artisanal Scents

Custom Pours

Matches & Strikers

you gotta try this.

Cutting into the golden crust of freshly baked bread, the waft of warm perfectly risen yeast overflows your surroundings. Cool butter slowly melts into the flakey crust and you reach for the ripe strawberry jam and think to yourself, “is this the perfect morning?”