Flat Cap Butchers

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  • CFM South

Named after Chris’ hat (which if you come to the shop, more than likely you will see proudly upon his head), Flat Cap Butchers is dedicated to the stories of the ranchers, to educating customers on where their food comes from, to understanding the environmental impact and problems of the meat industry and how to help solve them. Flat Cap Butchers is a group of young, passionate people whose goal is to provide the most honest, and best meat purchasing experience in the city. Come on this adventure with them and always feel good about the meat you eat.

what’s available?

Part of Flat Cap’s mission is to bring in whole animals. Because of this, they offer the largest selection of cuts for you, including custom cuts you won’t find anywhere else. Choose from over 35 cuts, including ribeye, tenderloin, short ribs, oxtail, and so much more. They also have sausages, meatloaf, and keto options.

Fresh Cuts

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Packaged Meat

you gotta try this.

Try anything you haven’t tried before! Flat irons, skirt steaks, and chuck roast are always on the menu.