Margarita’s To-Go

Located In:
  • CFM South
  • CFM West

Margarita’s Dishes is a family business operated by Margarita and her son Danny. Margarita immigrated to Canada from Ukraine and opened her first restaurant in the 1980s offering authentic cultural cuisine. As a member of the Calgary Farmers’ Market, she was joined by her son Danny who had experience opening five restaurants in New York. Together, they form the perfect team serving old-world dishes with modern attention to detail and customer service.

what’s available?

At Margarita’s To-Go, you’ll find the same delicious menu items as Margarita’s Dishes in a more bulk-packaged, frozen format. Take home some beef and rice filled cabbage rolls, borscht, pierogis, and blintz. Don’t forget Margarita’s schnitzel, bratwurst, and knishes for your next dinner party!

Cabbage Rolls & Borscht

Handmade Perogies

Fresh Juices

you gotta try this.

The frozen borscht should be a staple in your home – sweet and earthy, filled with hearty vegetables and made with love. It’s perfect on a cold day to warm you up from the inside out!