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YYSeafood is a husband and wife duo, Grant and Leanna. Grant spent over a decade as a Red Seal chef in Vancouver and became a fishmonger in 2014. Leanna discovered her love for butchery while cutting fish in 2012 and became a certified butcher in 2014. Both of their careers grew from a passion for quality ingredients that are sustainably sourced.

what’s available?

YYSeafood began with a desire to obtain more variety of Canadian seafood that have low impact on the surrounding ecosystem without compromising quality. YYSeafood will offer a wide variety of fresh fish and shellfish. Wild B.C. caught halibut in season, sustainably raised salmon, freshwater trout, oysters, clams, and mussels from the East and West coasts of Canada.

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you gotta try this.

You got to try our in-house made salmon burgers and crab cakes. They’re made every week with fresh market produce and seasoned to perfection.